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Subflash 2010 bilbao

Year after year I enjoy one of the main events in the Spanish web development industry, and it is not because its size or the money the speakers get for it… it is its quality and proximity what makes it absolutely unique. I am talking, of course, about Subflash

How many Seminars have you been where the lecturers goes out with you at night? Where this speakers also pay the fees like everyone else? Probably never.

In Subflash you learn new things, but at the same time you have a very personal and up-to-date feedback of the web industry. You have designers, developers, commercials, bloggers,… sitting at the same table. It doesnt matter if you are one of the Adobe gurus, the number one in mobile device software or the guy who sell websites around the corner. If you are one of the limited group (60 people) you become part of the Subflash family, something beyond technologies.

I would like to explain quickly the main cornerstones in the 2010’s edition (and I will talk about the technical side, and the social one)

day one, conference one: Luis Adrian Rosas gave us a very good speech about Business Intelligence (Emotional). Not only he put the audience in his pocket from the first second with his people skills and his Lego toys for everybody. He also gave a lesson about behaviours in work, the communication issues and the ways to deal with conflicts. It was so interesting that the people couldn’t stop asking questions after the conference. Personally I expected some references to Agile methodologies…but who knows, maybe I will manage to do it myself in the next edition. It would be an honour. In the social side, lets talk about the long travel that the lecturer went through to reach Bilbao from Southampton where he is living at the moment (Through London, Frankfurt and Madrid), and that I personally appreciate a lot. That night we went out and we managed to find, in the middle of the Aste Nagusia, one of his favourite vegetarian meals: Tofu burger, with peppers, cheese and onion 😉

day one, conference two: Two of the main web developers in Spain, Joan Llenas (Flash/Flex) and Andrés Cayón (Dreamweaver), created this sort of tennis match, Joan was was choosing ActionScript to develop Adobe Air applications, and Andrés chose what he knows better, Javascript. The examples were amazing, and the battle hard. Friends after all, they proved that both options are strong and capable, which means Adobe Air is flexible, and the developer is free to choose the language for the scripts. Both good, both friends. Like I did with the first one, lets talk about the social side of this conference. Andrés Cayon, who knows the city of Bilbao almost like Dreamweaver, was the perfect partner for the “after speech” walks, explaining the history of this beautiful city. Joan Llenas, like most of us, enjoyed the night time with the group in Café Iruña.

day one, conference three: Dani Llops, one of the flash gurus, was sitting there with the rest of us. But he was not there to listen only, he was there to talk about a non usual combination, but full of possibilities “Flash + Drupal”. How to link them together, and use the powerful CMS to manage the Flash contents. Hours later, the dancefloor was his place 😉 No details, just fun!

day two, conference one: We all work with internet, but not everybody knows exactly what happens with the information, and the path and technology that is used for that. Here appear Marc Palau and Mario Ezquerro, explaining all the ins and outs, helped with the funniest slideshow ever, to let us know a little bit more about all this. Marc is one of the members of CdMon one of the sponsors, and well known by the subflash community because he always managed to find the freakiest videos on internet. Mario is Jack-off-all-trades and it is amazing to sit with him and a coffee and listen to his skill levels: he can fix your usb, show your his exclusive lookalike ipad or prepare the settings for a satellite connection…no problem!

Marcos Gonzalez & Raul Jimenez in Subflash 2010

day two, conference two:
Marcos Gonzalez and Raul Jimenez , experts in mobile device technologies, decided to show us what the future can be for mobile phones and flash platform. They chose to create instead of just talking… and showed us an amazing experiment of a game, made in Flash, multiplatform, where the players can use their phones as commanders, and the rest of the people can follow the games on their laptops or mobiles phones… Really impressive. We got closer to the future with this demonstration. Marcos and Raul are two of the organizers of Subflash, and we have to thank them for this successful event. Apart from being speakers in places like Adobe Max in Chicago or Adobe Live… they still have time to go back to earth and spend some time with us.

Subflash is a modest event…but they still manage to have more and more presents for the community every year. This year more than 15000€ in tshirts, books, games and software were given to the assistants by drawing lots. Dreamweaver User Group Spain and BlocketPC gave a couple of  CS5 Web Premium licenses (one each) IndexBook lots of books, FxInteractive a box full of PC games, lots of magazines from IdN, Nitsnets tshirts for everybody, CDMon free hostings, Video2Brain free subscriptions to their courses, and I am sure that I am still forgetting something…

Making a long story short, we enjoyed together a very nice weekend, in a great city like Bilbao, with 60 people of different levels and sectors in the web development world, in a really friendly atmosphere.

I was happy to see again the old friends and because Twitter was the hype this year let’s try to list them all:

@fcomoreno – and his sidekick @laflores-, @andreskarp, @supremo_tata, @skeku, @bftoni -and happily pregnant Astrid-, @_alfons, @palaueb, @qmarcos, @elecash, @tecnorama, @joangarnet, @quadricula, @montxi77, @SaraMorueta, @eyeclipse, @eladnts, @sergiomas@jorcanvi, @zguillez, @rodrigo_dm… and Micky Palma, probably the only one without twitter 😉 I hope I forgot less than half of them 😉

I also met new ones: @martinigleu (a friend finally desvirtualized), @xbeumala, @llops, @alfonsofonso, @daniinebot, @abelcabans, @aleixpellicer, @websmonerris, @isidroperez,… and many more

Where can I buy the ticket for next year??[tweetmeme source=”juanjocardona” only_single=false style =’compact’ ]


  1. Hi Juanjo, a really nice recap about Subflash. Thanks a lot for your words and hope to see you next year… even sooner!
    Next edition we have to defend our championship in “footballtable” (how do you say this in english!?? XD)

    I’m very happy of seeing you again!

  2. … and you have missed a second CS5 license provided by the Adobe Dreamweaver Usergroup 😎

    Great post, Juanjo! Looking forward to meet you again next year!

  3. Thanks Andres, problem solved. See you soon!

  4. Hi Marcos, you are right, we missed the table football championship again… I think it was one there hidden… in case we win again..

  5. One of the things that we really miss was the swimmingpool… great post Juanjo and fantastic english… where did you learn it? jejejejeje 😉

    • Nothing is better than a personal teacher 😉 And about the swimming pool… I am also willing to see one in the next subflash. Talk soon

  6. Very good summary, I enjoyed meeting you at last, some workshops have been fun. Many kisses! (Which well the google translator XDD)

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